4 Step Waist Trimmer


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1) Designed to burn excess fat for waistline reduction
2) Made of quality Neoprene with Far Infrared Ray for inner side of
the belt

3) Helps retain body heat and increase perspiration as to create
sauna effect

4) Feel the "Burning" effect when using this product
5) Four adjustable measurements from 56cm – 96cm

6) Suitable for both man and lady who dream for slim and firm waistline

Japan Nano Technology Far Infra Red Slimming Waist Belt Nano FIR Thermal
Healthy Slimming Belt has great ventilation property to keep your waist dry
and comfort all the time. It uses both the latest nano technology and the
principle of FIR to achieve the aims of health care. The capability of FIR
thermal energy can easily lead out by body temperature to maintain constant
temperature to ameliorate waist’s cold condition, improve blood circulation,
advance metabolism, dissipate sore and aching waist, disperse blood stasis,
diminish fat on waist, protect intestines and stomach, promote digestion,
strengthen lumbar spinal support, relieve female’s menstrual pains, and
prevent chronic diseases cause by low blood circulation.

Especially suitable for infirm people and people who work under frigid

Function: Shape and slim your waist in 4 step.

Not suitable for high blood pressure patient.



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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 cm


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